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Director Message

Today not only India but whole world is passing through a grave crisis of skilled manpower in field of education, industry, medical science, social-economic ethos, morality etc.  It becomes imperative on the part of we educators and tots to contribute to structuring the foundation of country for its firmness and sustenance.   There is abundance of educational institutes in our country which are only telling facts instead of teaching.  A learner after spending 20 years of his life and a huge amount of money finds himself deceived.  He is thrown into the maze of life by the selfish educators.

            This heart me and taking it as a challenge, I established S. D. Sr. Sec. School at Kakrala in 2007 to provide education  of international standards in terms of instructions, infrastructure and environment at the school.  Accordingly, efforts are being made in this regard. With the utilization of latest technology learning process has been made easy, interesting and efficient.  To keep aware the students as well as parents about the job opportunities across the globe, an expert panel of career counsellors  has been hired permanently.To know the learning behaviour of child, a special team of psychologist from a renowned organization  PIACO,  which assess the child’s nature and behaviour using various tools and techniques.  Putting in view the globalization of job opportunities and career destinations, the service of SELF experts  has been permanently hired to enable the students to interact in English with the ease and excellence of the negative speakers.

          We fully appreciate the value of games in physical, mental and spiritual building programme training of the students.  Horse riding has been started under the confidence.  All comforts and facilities are being provided at the hostel to make the students feel at home.I feel immense pleasure that all these efforts have been bearing the desired fruits.  We are winning Olympiads in every subject and getting positions in top ten at national level, selection of students in NDA, JEE, CA-CPT, CTSE and in other co-curricular activities. I feel highly satisfied when I see the dreams become reality.  Whole credit for this goes to the enthusiasm of students, co-operation of parents and hard work of teachers.

  I heartily welcome all them and a very successful academic session